Modeling Curtains in 3ds Max and Marvelous Designer

First post of the year everyone, so lets kick it off. For today’s post i chose to cover a topic that was asked of me, more notably one of the readers decided to slap an image on my Facebook profile and ask me to make it. Well it just so happened that it was a cool thing to cover, so i went ahead and actually made this video. The theme is about how to create a more complex design of a curtain, but at the same time make it different from what is already available online (this was a bit confusing for me as well). So i took the image as a reference on which to work from and that is where we start.

In the video you will me start in a simple scene in Max where i will do my best to explain how you should prepare for working on the curtain, and then explain what you should export and why. Then when we jump into Marvelous Designer i’ll go ahead and show you how you can create the base for the curtains, and then how to add the wrinkles and folds. From there we will cover a bit of pinning in MD and then export out the model. After that i’ll show you how you can animate an avatar in MD so you can get a more complex and natural looking folding. I am aware that the video took a bit longer then the rest, but i am sure that the tricks you’ll be able to pick up will make it worth the time you invest. So if this is something that you might want to know, then go ahead and watch the video.

So that about covers the very first post for this year, i hope you guys had fun and you also picked up some new tricks while watching it. So don’t forget, subscribe, like and share it around.

P.S. As an added bonus here is the image that i based my initial curtain on.


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