Modeling Stitching in 3ds Max

Modeling different types of models be it furniture, miscellaneous objects or even car interiors will usually mean that somewhere down the road you will have to model something that will require you to add stitching to it. Now this seemingly simple task can prove to be a bit of a problem, especially if you have never had to make it. I actually had someone ask for this on the YouTube comments, as they didn’t know how to deal with this issue.

So in this post i actually went over and created a video in which i try and explain how to get your stitching to look realistic. In the video you will see me explain two ways in which you can achieve this stitching effect. The first way that i will show you is going to be a “fake” way of making the stitching, which is a bit ironic to call it faking it as it will cover for about 95% of the cases in which you will need to have stitching. After that we will also explain the issues that you can get with the “fake” method and then we’ll go about showing another way of making the stitching with the “proper” geometry way which will also help us if we have X type stitching. So if this is something that you might want to learn then check out the video below.

After watching this video you should now have a better understanding on how to make stitching in 3ds Max. There is another way of making stitching and this is more for custom types of stitching but that will require us to go into ZBrush, and explain some extra options in there which will probably be a theme for another post which i will try my best to make when the time allows it.

So i hope you guys liked the video and you managed to learn something new, and like always if that is the case then subscribe, like and share it around. As that would be it for this video the only thing that is left is for me to say is .. Happy Holidays everybody, and Happy New Year !

( This was published on December 29th so if you are reading this at summer time or something like that, you should probably go out and enjoy the sun 🙂

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