Lighting with HDRI and V-Ray Sun

Ok so similar to the previous post where i got a request to make the post about the bed in Marvelous designer, i got another request to make a video about lighting a scene with HDRI images. So lets start from the beginning and first of all explain why should you use an HDRI for lighting.

HDRI stands for High Dynamic Range Image, which in turn means that it is an image that contains a lot of information, especially information that can be used as lighting information by V-Ray. The main difference between using HDRI and for example a single V-Ray Sun is that the HDRI emits light from all the sides depending on the image you have. So if you are using a HDRI with a cloudy day you will get an overcast feel to the scene, if you are using a sunny day HDRI you would get that same look, and on top of it all that HDRI can also be used to get some realistic environment reflections.

So now you know what HDRI does, but where do you get some high quality HDRI images? Well the answer to this question is not a straight forward one as it depends. If you are looking for a High quality HDRI for commercial projects then you probably want to go and actually buy some HDRI that range from 5000×5000 up to 40kx40k resolution, but if you are looking for some HDRI’s that you can use for your projects or in some cases you can even use them professionally check out HDRLABS. These guys are offering a wide spectrum of HDR images that are rather well done and give some nice results. Also there are multiple sites that offer freebies through Facebook ads, so you might want to keep your eyes opened there as well, and also you can Like check out my Facebook DKCGI page if you haven’t already and check out some of the older posts there as i have links to free HDRI’s and sites offering Textures.

Ok so since you know where to get HDRI’s now you can go ahead and jump over to the video. In this video you will learn how to add HDRI image to a V-Ray dome light, how to control the intensity of the light by changing the HDRI. Then i’ll explain why would you want to add a V-Ray sun to the mix and use both V-Ray sun and HDRI together, and even how to link them so when you are controlling one you are actually controlling them both and in turn getting a lot more control over the scene. So enough reading, feel free and go and check out the video.

So i hope this video was helpful for you and you managed to learn something new then like it, comment and share it around so it can reach more people and maybe help them the same way it helped you. Also if there is anything else that you would like to know ask in the comment section and i’ll see if i can make a video about that.

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  1. thanks,great tutorial for beginners and also i wait to you share interior scene.

  2. I’ll try my best to make a lighting tutorial for an interior scene as soon as i get some free time. I know there have been quite a few people asking for that, though you are the first one that has left a comment so i guess this makes it the first official request 🙂

  3. Chandradeep Singh

    Thanks. i haven been following you pages consistantly for last 20 days…I have read lots of tutorials on net but the way you explain the things…I have never experienced before. In my opinion your the best online teacher i ever met throughout my courier..Thanks it helps a lot to me..waiting for your next post….Thanks from bottom of my heart..

    WIth lots of respect,
    Your student
    Chandradeep Singh

  4. Hello Sir,
    I have a small request to you, its my humble request to you that if its possible please give a tutorial of exterior day lighting on advance level in vray 3ds max. It is a bit big issue for me from a long time as i work as a architectural 3d designer, so please sir its my humble request if its possible for you to manage some time for my topic. I will be the most happiest student of your..

    Your student
    Chandradeep Singh

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