Starting with V-Ray Part 2, V-Ray Frame Buffer

So in this second installment of the Starting with V-Ray series i want to go ahead and explain how does the VFB ( V-Ray Frame Buffer ) work, and why it’s a good idea to always use it when you are using V-Ray as your renderer.

In the following video you will learn how to get the VFB active, you will learn how to use the RGB channels to control the color output you are seeing as well as rendering passes. You will also learn how to use the A/B dividers as well as using the History feature of the VFB. And last but not least you will see how you can control the exposure as well as the color balance and levels for your render inside the VFB instead of having to switch out to Photoshop.

So without getting this intro any longer then it should be i would recommend that you watch the video for yourself.

I really hope that this video was helpful for you guys and if you have any questions feel free to leave them as a comment either here or on the YouTube channel. Oh and one more thing, if you enjoyed this post then subscribe to YouTube, share it around or like it and help spread the word around.

That’s all for now and remember always stay hungry for more knowledge as that is how you can grow.

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