Starting with V-Ray Part 1

In this post, as well as the next few (hopefully) i will try to get all the basics of Vray out there for everyone. These videos will be tailored more towards someone that has never worked with Vray before, but even if you have worked with it but aren’t sure about some things you might want to give these videos a try.

The first video will be about how to get Vray setup as your default renderer, as well as how to get the default UI switcher setup so whenever you start working with 3ds max materials you don’t have to set up all the materials to be VRayMtl, but instead have them always setup like that. But enough talk from me, see the video for yourself.

OK so after the first video you should know how to have V-ray setup as your default renderer. In this second part you can see all the places that you can find options that were added with the installing of V-Ray.

So after watching these two introduction videos you should have a basic knowledge about where things are in V-Ray, and it should be a first stepping stone towards the rest of the upcoming videos in the series.

If you enjoyed the videos share them around and always keep on learning!

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