Studio Lighting And Three Point Lighting System with 3ds Max and Vray

One of the cleanest and most common ways of presenting a product is the good old studio lighting. The reason why many product renders choose this approach is due to the fact that it isolates the product. This isolation in turn makes it so that nothing is taking away the attention from the hero model. So basically the basic studio lighting is with 3 lights that act as main, fill and backdrop lights. But even though it’s really simple on paper, making your renders look good does have it’s quirks. Well this video is all about how to make sure you end up with a very good looking final result.

Now if you have gone over the video you will get a better understanding on the studio lighting. You will know how to setup the lights, the reflectors and the backdrop as well. And also if you followed everything that was done, you now have a scene for future rendering.

So if you learned something new here today, all i can ask is that you share this video around. If it helped you there is a pretty good chance it might help someone else too.

So have a good day, and as always keep learning.

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