First Look at Vray 5

Where do i get it ?

As the name of the article states we will cover the main features of Vray 5. And the best place to start would be the location where to get it. So if you want to download the Vray 5 Beta version, click on the link below.

Get Vray 5 Beta Version

So what’s this all about ?

Well it’s pretty self explanatory, we will go over the main features of Vray 5. I won’t make this any longer then it has to be, as i know that no one actually likes to read walls of text.

So in short this is what we will cover:

  • New Features of the Material Editor
  • A look at the Presets options for Material creation
  • Overview of the New Coat and Sheen options
  • A closer look of the New material Library browser
  • A look at the new and overhauled Vray Frame Buffer
  • A look at the new way of controlling lights in your render with the Light Mix
  • We will see how to use the new Layered Compositing

So if these bullet points look interesting to you, then you might want to check out the actual video below.

So if you liked the video, don’t forget to leave it a like and also share it around so it can reach more people. So until next time, cheers everyone and keep learning.

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