Vray Lighting For Architectural Visualization

So here we are, the very first Premium Tutorial from DKCGI is alive. Right at the beginning i’ll leave a link where you can get the tutorial.

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Who is aimed for?

Well since you are here reading this, there is a pretty good chance this is aimed at you. Namely this course is meant for people that are working with Vray, and Architectural Visualization.

Ok then, what do i need to have and know to follow along ?

Fair question. Anyone that has ever watched any of my YouTube tutorials you will know that i always try to explain everything. I’ve done the same thing in this premium tutorial as well. This does mean that you will need a functional knowledge of the 3ds Max User Interface. So pretty much anyone should be able to follow along.

As for the software version, i’ve used Max 2018 and Vray 3.6 in the videos. The Max scenes have been saved so they can be opened with 3ds Max 2011. As for the Vray version, as long as you have any of the 3.x versions you are good. If you are using a prior version of Vray, then the lesson theory will still apply but you will need to dig through the menus for the options.

Sounds good, what topics does the course cover ?

Another very good question. The way that i made this course it will cover all the most common scenarios for lighting.  This means we will go over topics like :

Setting Up a Daylight Environment, Using Light Portals, Setting Up Sunlight lit scenes, Lighting Up your scenes with HDRI, Multiple Different types of Lighting Fixtures, In depth look at Global Illumination, Using Materials to help with lighting and also using Environment Effects to help with lighting your scene.

Ok i’m still reading and it does sound interesting, where do i get it ?

Now this is the question that i got so many times on the live streams on YouTube. As i said it there i’ll write it here. The course has been made available thanks to Gumroad and that is where you can get it. It’s actually pretty easy, once you purchase the course you will be able to download all the files and they will be yours forever. So if you didn’t click on the button at the start of the post here it is again to get the course.

Get The Vray Lighting Course

Everything sounds great, anything else ?

Well yeah, the thing with Gumroad is that i can add files and videos to it in the future and you will get it without having to pay anything extra. This means that i can update this course with new tricks and tips and you will always get it first.

So that’s pretty much it honestly, except for one thing. This one goes out to everyone that gets the course. I would like to personally thank you for directly supporting me. What i would love is that after you get the video, leave a rating on it. Also if there is anything that is missing or you would like to see explained feel free and reach out to me either on the YouTube Channel, the Facebook group or directly on Discord.

So having said all of that, i hope you all enjoy this course and learn bunch of new tricks and techniques.

Once again at the end.

Thank you very much for supporting me.

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