Introduction to Unreal Engine 4

After a rather long break here we are again with another tutorial. This time around we are kicking it off with a new topic to the channel, namely Unreal Engine.

Why Unreal Engine ?

The answer to this question would be simply because it’s the best. But before i continue let me explain why i think Unreal is the best. As things are progressing in the visualization business everything is pushing more towards real time. With this in mind we have VRay RT, Octane, iRay, FStorm and a bunch of other render engines. The issue here is that these renders are great for quick preview of the work, not really for walkthrough. So when you want a solution for free walkthrough and VR that is when you look at game engines. Here we have some choices where the biggest ones are Unreal, Unity and Cryengine. I’ve seen people make amazing work in all three game engines. When it comes to Archviz Unreal Engine seems to be the leading one in the field.

Ok Unreal Engine it is, how do I start ?

Well this is where it gets interesting. Seeing as how Unreal Engine has been years in development, it has a pretty good support and forums section. This means that for anything that you get stuck on there will be a solution on the forums. I will try to cover the basics that you will need in order to transition to working with Unreal Engine. In today’s videos i will go over the sheer basics of the matter.

The first video will cover how you can download, install and register for Unreal Engine. As an added bonus you will understand how you can use some of the features of the Epic Games launcher. And even if you have used UE4 before check out the Unreal Tournament portion of the video.

After that brief video about the installation of the Launcher, in the second video we go over the basics. You will learn about the UI basics, and how to move around in Unreal Engine. You will also get an explanation of the menus and options. All in all these two videos should help you get UE4 installed and prepared for use.

So what to expect in the future?

As i said in the Facebook group, for those of you that read it. I would like a make a few more videos about the basic concepts of working with UE4. So in the future all the modeling videos i do, i can make a transition video. This means take the high poly model, do the retopology, unwrapping, baking, texturing and combine it all in UE4. By doing that you will see the whole process from start to finish.

One more thing that i would like to add, and this is something that i’m glad about. With the introduction of Game Engines to Interior Designers and 3D artists you will basically expand your career choices. Namely if you have been doing Archviz for a while and have the experience, then you can translate as an environment artist.

So for now that would be it for this post. If you liked what you saw here leave a like, comment or share the post so it can reach more people. That all for today and i’ll see you all in the next post.

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