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And finally i decided it would be a about that time to get my feet wet with covering a bit of ZBrush in my videos. One of the things that i have actually noticed is that a lot of people don’t really know what ZBrush is used for, so they discard the idea of learning the software as they can’t find a justification to spend the time to learn it.

ZBrush is used for adding details, and micro details to high density meshes counting polygons in the millions. After that bake those details back onto the original mesh, and retain the details from the high poly mesh.

This is really helpful for the gaming industry, jewelery industry, as well as the 3D printing industry and the architectural visualization industry. Now if you can’t understand why would i choose to place the ArchViz industry in the the same mix with the 3D Printing and gaming industry, then you probably haven’t been in the loop and don’t realize that the game engines lately (Unity and UE4) have advanced so far that it will most probably be the go to destination for future visualization projects. If you want to get a quick idea check out the Paris Virtual Tour video from a while back (This is like year old video, and things have gotten even more advanced now)

Well ZBrush is right in the center of this as it is the go to software for when you want to fine tune your meshes and add details to them. So knowing that i decided to start simple, and make a few introduction videos to Zbrush that will be meant for someone that is a complete starter with the program.

In the very first video i basically start with explaining the UI of the program, as well as explaining how to navigate in the program. Even though this might sound like a silly thing, ZBrush actually has quite a bit of a “weird” way of navigating through it and it takes a bit of time to get accustomed to it. So before anything else, go ahead and watch the first video.

In the second video i go over brushes in ZBrush. In this video you will learn the importance of the brushes, what they do and how can they be used to sculpt and manipulate your mesh. I managed to squeeze in a short intro about the Standard brush, Clay Buildup, Damien Standard (Dam_Standard), hPolish and a few more other brushes. We will also see about the Add and Subtract options that the brushes have, as well as their function. So if this sounds interesting then check out this second video.

And in the third and last video we will cover a tiny bit of everything as we will touch base with the move brush, the transpose tools, we will have a chance to see what Dynamesh is and what it’s used for as well as a bit of masking. Like i already said this is all just a very quick preview on what Zbrush has to offer and it’s only the beginning. So check out this third video in the introduction to ZBrush mini series.

And with that we opened the season for ZBrush tutorials. I will continue to make new tutorials for 3ds Max as well as ZBrush, and a bit down the road we will start to mix them up and combine them together in a work pipeline that will focus on giving you extreme control over the details you want to add while at the same time to cut down on the time it will take you to create them.
What i actually learned from making these videos is that going on about general stuff in ZBrush is generally not a bad idea if you don’t have a time limitation, but when you want to keep it within 20-30 min mark then it should be more focused on one thing which is something i will try to do in future videos.

In all the previous posts when i get to the end i tell you that with that we wrap up that theme, well today with this post we are opening up the doors for more ZBrush videos which i really hope will be a fun endeavor for me, and an educational experience for you guys. So if you liked the videos then don’t forget to subscribe and like them and share them around so they can reach more people.

P.S. I know i kinda screwed up the intro text to the videos as it says New And Amazing intro video, but i wasn’t going to spend another 2 hours rendering just to fix that little screw up, and also i’m pretty sure that most wouldn’t have picked up on that if i hadn’t pointed it out.

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