Creating a realistic Swimming Pool in 3ds Max & V-Ray

When you get into working in the CG visualization field you are no doubt going to come to the point where you will have to deal with a scene where you have a swimming pool. Dealing with a scene like this can be a bit of a drag, especially if you have never worked on anything like that before. What i mean by this is the fact that water, even though it is quite a simple and we are accustomed to seeing it in our daily routine, it has a few properties that you need to understand if you want to replicate it in your scenes.

In the video below you will see me start from a very simple scene with nothing but the swimming pool to take our focus away. You will see the main attributes that water has when you are using it for your renders, then you will understand why the color of the pools is important, as well as learn how to make the tiled look that many swimming pools have. Then we are going to see how we can get our water to look wavy by using normal maps, bump maps and actual geometry. So if you would be interested in learning anything from what you just read here, then go ahead and check out the video.

If you are back reading this i hope you guys picked up some new tricks and tips, and more importantly it was fun watching it for you as much as it was fun making it for me.
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  1. awww, half expected to find the scene with the pool here. Great tutorial still

  2. Well i would have attached it, but it really wasn’t anything complex and i don’t own the HDRI rights to distribute it so it really wouldn’t have been beneficial to upload it without it. In any case it took me less then 5 min to setup and model the scene, so i’m sure everyone can do it 🙂

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