Modeling a Pillow in 3ds Max and Marvelous Designer

Working as a interior decorator, or even as a freelancer you are bound to get a project that will be about modeling a room interior. One of the things that rooms always tend to have is a bed, or some kind of a sofa and some pillows on top of it. Well in today post i want to show you guys how you can model three different pillows, where the three will be with a different level of details depending on your need for complexity. This will be broken into two videos in which you can see how to model the low and medium detail pillows in 3ds Max while for the higher detail pillow we will go into Marvelous Designer.

In the first video you can see how to model the low and medium detail pillows, as well as how to put in some piping. So enjoy the first video and then check out the second one.

So if you have seen the first video you can now continue with the second one and see how you can make a high detailed pillow in Marvelous Designer that can fit into any scene that you might have, and the more important thing is that since we will be working in Marvelous Designer the model will actually be a simulated cloth which should behave like a realistic pillow would. So enough with my rant, enjoy the second video as well.

If you are still reading this you either saw both of the videos and came back to comment on something or ask a question in which case i salute you, or you didn’t watch the videos and you should feel bad, naah actually you shouldn’t feel bad you should just watch the videos 🙂

Having said all that i hope you guys learned something by watching this and you also enjoyed it. If that is the case then subscribe to the YouTube channel, share it around, like and help spread the word around.

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