Creating floor geometry with Floor Generator

When ever you get to work on a interior scene the inevitable fact is that you will need to either use a texture for the floor, or take the road less traveled and drop in geometry for the floor planks provided it is a wooden floor. In this tutorial we are going to take a look at how to deal with one of the most used features when ever you are modeling interiors, namely we are going to tackle the flooring.

A disclaimer though before we start, like i said previously you might want to think about whether you want to use a texture or geometry based on the needs of your scene. If you have a few renders from a distance it might be a better choice to take the quicker texturing way, but if you need a closeup or want to have a bit of a worn down parquet or aged wood flooring then geometry might be the right choice.

Alright if you are still reading i guess you want to see how it’s done, so get strapped and go and download the free scripts that you will need for this video:

Link for Floor Generator

While you are there you might want to pick up the two other free scripts as they are really amazing, and need i say again FREE. Ok so no more further delays, here is the video tutorial.

So if you are back and reading this then you might have just actually enjoyed the video, if that is the case then help spread the word and comment, share and subscribe to the YouTube channel. And also if there is interest i will do a a tutorial on how to get similar results by using textures while trying to preserve the details we get from the geometry way of doing it.

So until next time stay safe, and keep on learning!

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