Modeling a motorcycle chain in 3DS Max

One of the most common things that you are bound to come upon when you are starting out in 3D modeling, or have been modeling for a while is the moment when you need to make a chain of some sort be it for a 3D model of some motorcycle, a bike or maybe even a chainsaw chain. When you take a look at the chain, at fist glance it looks like an easy and quite straight forward deal to model, but quickly you come to the realization that it might not be all that simple.

Well in this video i started out from scratch, I built the different elements for the chain, then I cloned and deformed them to a spline that defines the shape that we want our chain to be positioned in the end. But don’t let me keep you reading and spoiling it when you could be watching that in the video and see for yourself

So here is the recap of the video and what you learned from it:

* When modeling, always try to break down the model into smaller parts to make it easier to manage
* When using the spacing tool make sure that you don’t have any sharp edges that would break the flow
* When using the path deform check for stretching and squishing, and more importantly how to fix that
* When to use Normalize Spline and what it actually does

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